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Cold Weather in Toronto, Canada and New York

Since the start of the cold weather in Canada and New York I have noticed a sharp increase in calls from Jamaicans living in these regions about property for sale in Jamaica. If it is not the cold weather it must be how well Tessanne Chin did in the Voice show. Jamaica has been fortunate this 2013. Bolt and Shelly won their races, there were no hurricanes and the real estate prices continue to go up even though inventory continues to increase.

There are several positive things coming out of Jamaica and a few negative. Fortunately the positive far outweigh the negative.

Water is clear and blue
Food is great as featured on the Food Network Ms. T Kitchen
Athletes are doing great
Music is doing great
50,000 people are expected at Rebel Salute music festival alone
Coffee is growing and tasting great
Land prices are going up
Low price on education and health care
Tourism arrivals are at record numbers
Falmouth is Growing
Ocho Rios is expanding and improving
The highway from Kingston to Ocho Rios is on target to be finished by 2016

The list can go on and on about the positives in Jamaica.

Lets keep the positive energy flowing Jamaica!!!

HARTLAND ESTATE, Richmond Estate, Jamaica


People have been asking, what is the difference between the Hartland Estate neighbourhood in Jamaica and all the other homes on the market.

Hartland Estate;

  • Gives you the option to customize your home before you get your mortgage so that the costs of the customization  can be paid for by your mortgage and not out of your pocket.
  • Has magnificent sea-views from most lots
  • Has only 150+ homes, making the neighbourhood  more homely.
  • Located just 5 minutes walking time from the white sand priory beach
  • Has a natural cool breeze blowing through the large covered porch from the east during the days.
  • Perfect for retirement when you want to and how you want to.
  • Ability to select the colours you want and the type of model home you want at the price you want
  • Located less than 50 minutes from Montego Bay and 14 minutes from Ocho Rios
  • I strongly recommend the Hartland Estate Gated Community in St. Ann Jamaica over all other gated communities because it is built using traditional block and steel with reenforced concrete, and has tray ceilings for insulation.

Who has started to invest in Jamaican Real Estate?

This link will take you to the article posted on the Jamaican Gleaner today. It will show you that Proven Wealth Management has started to increase its investments in Real Estate.

Real Estate is proving to be one of the best hedges against inflation and the IMF.

Jamaica is now ripe for the picking. There seems to be an increase in investor awareness of the high returns in real estate over the past recent years. Values will continue to go up over the next 5 years. Investors who purchase now will benefit in the next 5 years.

Cyprus has set the template for every investors nightmare.

Do not delay, Real Estate prices are at an all time low right now and will only increase in values.

If you need statistical figures please let me know or you can visit my website;

Rory Marsh
Meldam Realtors
Real Estate in Jamaica and the world

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Reduction in GCT from 17.5% to 16.5% will keep a small sum of money in your pockets if you are purchasing or selling a home.

Rory Marsh

Real Estate Sales in Jamaica


Home Tips by Rory Marsh

Home Tips

Keep a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the kitchen and on each floor of the house. Inspect and recharge if pressure is below the operating range. Review a fire escape plan with your household.

Trim trees and remove dead branches. Bad weather can cause weak limbs to break, damaging property or causing injury. Use care and consult a professional tree service for large jobs.

Mow lawns in the morning or evening. Deep watering, in the morning, is better for your grass than frequent, shallow watering.

Jamaica Real Estate Overview 2012

It is very clear that one of the key indicators of what makes the real estate market grow is the creation of jobs.  Where significant jobs have been lost the value of real estate goes down and foreclosures begin. On the flip side once new jobs are created the value of real estate goes up and the overall demand increases.

How does this affect Jamaica. On the north coast there are more hotels being added, therefore there are more jobs being created. As a result of more jobs from the hotels the demand for real estate continues to be on the incline. With regards to the south coast of Jamaica. Bauxite, IT and Telecommunications are currently increasing production. Therefore more jobs are being created and as such the real estate market is on the rise.

Because the crime rate has fallen in Jamaica the diaspora have realized that Jamaica is now a viable alternative for retirement. These are the things which contribute to the values of real estate  appreciating in Jamaica. (In short, increase in jobs and reduction in crime boosts real estate development)

Rory Marsh
Meldam Realtors
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Wentworth Drive, St. Mary – US$990,000.00

One-of-a-kind masterpiece mansion, blending modern building techniques with true old-world elegance, fronting Port Maria’s cove in St. Mary. Set on a generous 1/2 acre, with a regular-apportioned lot on the water, the grounds are magnificently landscaped for maximum privacy. The main residence opens with a grand view of the Caribbean sea. Fully-automated, the house comes complete with state-of-the-art remote-control security systems. No detail was spared, with every room having a sea view. Grand master suite, four separate guest suites, two children bedrooms, four bathrooms and a powder room. New kitchen which opens up to both dining rooms which boasts hand-pegged parquet floors, and finished lower level room perfect to put a wine storage, spa, sauna, or gym. The expansive wooden deck which comfotably holds 250 people, is the home to the main pool.

Shaw Park Ridge Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica

5 Bedroom 6 Bathroom US$1,400,000.00
Peaceful, tranquil and exclusive are the words that describe this beautiful home overlooking the resort town of Ocho Rios. This home has all the amenities that could be required by any member of your family. Situated 120 feet above sea level and is nestled amongst nature. Securely designed and built for you and your family to relax and enjoy in our unique tropical Island, Jamaica. With a breathtaking view at sunrise or sunset, all bedrooms captivate the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The Master bedroom is a spacious 17’x18′. Every door, window and cabinet are made from local Jamaican cedar and all exterior railings are made from local bulletwood. The list of exotic Jamaican fruits on the grounds are endless. Truly a family home in paradise.


Swimming pool
2 car garage
Marbel floors
Mahogany spiral staircase
8' diameter jacuzzie
Built with concrete and blocks renforced with double bonded steel for added strength
Main level entry
Excelent drainage
Spectacular view

Visit for more pictures

Who is Rory Marsh?

Rory A Marsh, BA
BA, Organizational Communication
Graduated from the University of South Florida

Spent 2 years with the fortune 500 company Outback Steakhouse Marketing Team which provided marketing support to help achieve over 1 billion in US dollar sales.

Spent 1 year lecturing at the University of the West Indies in the communications department.

Spent 8 years on the Marketing Team as the Branding Manager for one of the largest distributors in Jamaica with annual gross sales of over 50 million US dollars.
Now, Director and Sales Associate at Meldam Realtors in Jamaica, a 40 year old real estate company based on the north coast of Jamaica.

Meldam has over 500 active listings valued at over 150 million US dollars.

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