The Jamaican Diaspora in England and what they mean to Jamaica?



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A diaspora as defined by the Oxford dictionary is the dispersion of any people from their original homeland. Thus, all individuals who are Jamaicans residing outside of Jamaica are a part of the Jamaican diaspora. Consequently, there are established Jamaican diaspora movements worldwide that are geared towards uniting Jamaicans in the diaspora with Jamaicans of like mind in Jamaica. One such group is found in England and like the others, they are focused on building and moving Jamaica forward.

The diaspora in England serves to strengthen the links and support systems between Jamaicans residing abroad and those at home; deepen the collaboration and cooperation between the stakeholder groups that serve them and facilitate and increase the scope and impact of the contribution of the Diaspora to the development of Jamaicans at home and abroad.

Additionally, the Jamaican diaspora in England and other established places must be credited as playing a vital role in the survival of the Jamaican economy through remittances. Remittances, in this instance, refer to funds sent from expatriates to their home country via wire, mail etc. For the past decade or so, remittances have acted as the largest inflow of foreign exchange for Jamaica and other Caribbean islands as many Caribbean families depend heavily upon remittances to carry out daily activities.

With investments and contributions to schools, hospitals and disaster relief, the Jamaican Diaspora in England and other parts of the world stand as a driving force behind Jamaica’s success and survival.

The Jamaican diaspora in England also represents a wide pool of real estate investors who through investing in both commercial and residential real estate, assist in the growth and stabilisation of the economy. Though they reside in the UK, their ultimate desire is to retire at home and as such diaspora members consistently invest in Jamaica’s real estate.

With that said, for any member of the diaspora desirous of further contributing to your homeland’s growth through real estate, you may contact Meldam Realty in Ocho Rios at 974-2239 or email at

Important reasons why members of the Jamaican diaspora should move back home.

Welcome home to the land of wood and water.  An amazing island, home to bright beautiful faces, passionate beings, Paradise. Jamaicans stand out in the eyes of the world.  Jamaicans share a united vision and aim to be the best at anything they do no matter where they go.


Members of the diaspora venture to new opportunities outside Jamaican shores, but no matter where they roam, there is this deep urge, way down for some, to long for ‘HOME’.  They went away, worked hard, now it’s time to live the dream.


A less stressed life, less work, less taxes, less bills, good healthy organic food at little or no cost as you can grow your own food and eat from the land.  Great weather, with summer all year means no shoveling of snow.  It’s an investment not just financially but for the mind and the body resulting in a longer, happier life.


Most members of the diaspora are purchasing land now as Jamaica is ranked as one of the fastest growing islands in the world.  Jamaica is one of the best retirement destinations and in a few years it will be very expensive to purchase properties.  Everyone should try to retire at an earlier age to really enjoy the island.  This amazing land of our birth. Our home, Jamaica.

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For more information on available land for sale in Jamaica, please contact; or 876-974-2239  Meldam Realty Jamaica

The main thing Disney World in Florida and Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica have in common.


Walt Disney chose the Disney World site in Orlando, Florida strategically.

The site is located at the intersection of the major highways running south to north and east to west in the center of Florida.  Being in the center of the state allows Florida residents and tourists to visit the attraction easily by car.

Disney World is located between two major cities Jacksonville in the north and Miami to the south and between two smaller cities, Tampa to the west and Orlando to the east.

Dunn’s River Falls is located at the intersection of two main highways between two major cities Kingston to the south and Montego Bay to the north west. It is also located between Ocho Rios and Falmouth two of the largest cruise ship destinations in the Caribbean on Jamaica’s north coast.

Dunn’s River is located in the center of the island making it easy for Jamaican residents and tourist to visit by car.

Based on the success of the developed Disney World and its environs it is only natural to assume that any location within ten miles of Dunn’s River Falls will continue to develop aggressively.

Florida’s leading attraction is Disney World and the Caribbean’s leading attraction is Dunn’s River Falls and they both are centrally located and have an easy access to the highways crossing the country.

Locations in Jamaica that are ripe for investment which are located within ten minutes from the highway intersection and Dunn’s River Falls are Mammee Bay, Drax Hall, North Coast Highway Development, St. Ann’s Bay, Richmond Estate, Hartland Estate and Runaway Bay.

Great locations and warm climates are a sure recipe for success!!!!


Meldam Realty for Investment Advice

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The two words on everyones lips, Investment & Jamaica.  However, more specifically where in Jamaica?  The three locations most in demand are Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Kingston.

There is an increase in queries for real estate and a buzz about the Jamaican stock market.  Several individuals saw the Bloomberg article recently about how well the Jamaican stock market is performing.  This has cast Jamaica in a very positive light for both local and international investors.  There is a sense of excitement.  Even though it is the Christmas season in Jamaica you can feel the increased energy among the people that something big is about to happen.


People are asking the question should I buy stocks or should I purchase real estate?  My advice is to go with what you know.  Go with which ever you have a strong understanding, so that you can make sound decisions.  Both sectors are performing well and the worst thing to do, is to not participate.  If there is any time to invest in Jamaica it’s now.  There has never been a time in our history that so many positives are happening all at the same time especially when there are so many negatives all around the world.


Jamaica’s crime is bad, but it’s improving compared to other countries in the world that are getting worse.  The infrastructure is now first world with telecommunications, roads and airports being ranked among the Caribbean’s best.


Ten reasons why Jamaica is looking amazing to the world for 2016.

  1. Real Estate investments are booming
  2. New tours and attractions are being created with the latest craze being the Blue Hole in St. Ann
  3. Affordable and reliable telephone & internet technology
  4. Excellent airlift to everywhere in the world
  5. Amazing resorts being built along the North Coast and Kingston. Jamaica’s tourism product is on target to surpass Cancun and the Dominican Republic within the next 5 years
  6. Excellent food and music selections available, Bob Marley’s music is stronger than ever
  7. Amazing beaches and water falls
  8. Friendly and educated people
  9. Athletes like Usain Bolt and others are leading the world
  10. Culture and cool environment, Jamaica was recently ranked in the top three for being the coolest place to visit in the world and by extension to live


Investment opportunities for 2016:

  1. Affordable real estate
  2. Training & language institutes for hospitality related careers
  3. Technology training centres
  4. Sales & customer service training schools
  5. Affordable fruits, vegetables, livestock to supply local and export market
  6. Coffee shops & Bistros
  7. Restaurants – Casual, fine dining & fast food
  8. Landscaping technicians
  9. Wedding planners
  10. Appliance and auto repair technicians
  11. Carpenters & mechanics
  12. Health food stores and restaurants
  13. Caterers
  14. Personal trainers and fitness centers
  15. Child day care facilities
  16. Computer support technicians
  17. Furniture and cabinet makers
  18. Hotel staff
  19. Interior decorator
  20. Medical facilities
  21. Bicycle shops
  22. Property Management
  23. Amusement parks
  24. Games arcades

It’s time to invest in St. Ann!!!

St. Ann the Garden Parish of Jamaica is the best positioned parish for investors.

I am very passionate about building the parish of St. Ann. It is very encouraging to see such emphasis being placed on community spirit and small business development in the parish. When President Obama came to Jamaica he focused on Entrepreneurship. If the leader of the free world is focusing on what we in St. Ann are focused on. I am confident that we are on the right track.

Small businesses are critically linked to the overall economy, they have the ability to reduce foreign currency expenditure; to utilize local raw material inputs; and to enhance economic and social conditions. These enterprises are further perceived to be flexible; able to respond rapidly to the market; innovative; and are key sources of employment generation for women and youth.

Many business owners do not spend enough time learning. Learning about the environment in which we operate, the new technologies in the business world, the changing needs of consumers, and the innovations that will help our businesses to grow.

When I look at the facts I do see Jamaica has many challenges. However, investors have recently pumped hundreds of millions of Dollars into St. Ann’s economy by creating more hotel rooms. This is a sign of bigger and better things to come regarding investment possibilities in St. Ann. Our community is growing and we have what it takes to enhance that growth. We need to join together and share our vision for our parish, and then work together to make it a reality. If you are not a part of a social or business group, now is the time to join or start one so we can move forward as a team.

Another name for community is organized society. By its very definition, a community is a group of people who have something in common – and for the business community of St. Ann, that something should be a shared vision for the growth and success of the parish.

A very important aspect of running a successful business, or even competing in the job market, is being on par with technological advances. Technology is a great tool that we need to utilize more effectively.

According to a recent survey, 90% of businesses that are not online will get left behind and eventually die. It is not expensive to have a website for your business, but it will require your time. I built a website for my business last year by utilizing a free website builder called Wix. Marketing your business online is the way to go.

I will share with you a recent review of what made the top 40% of the top business people in the world successful.

  1. Develop a routine to go through your day, in other words, manage your time well.
  2. Ensure that you design your business properly to achieve your objectives, and ensure that you have a beautiful design for every aspect internally and externally. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple computers and I phones told his designers after years of trying, “I want a phone that looks so beautiful you want to kiss the screen”.
  3. Never give in to failure, every no gets you closer to a yes.
  4. Read as much as possible, never stop learning.
  5. Believe in yourself, your product and your abilities, be confident.

During the past two decades, issues of local economic growth have come to dominate urban politics and planning in Jamaica and around the world. Local governments have adopted increasingly entrepreneurial economic development strategies of which they are seeing positive results.

Our goal is that St. Ann will not only be known for BOB Marley and Marcus Garvey but we now will have a united community working together to achieve business objectives through successful local economic initiatives spearheaded by the people of the community.

As a realtor, I have seen first-hand, a number of projects and investments that have positioned St. Ann for a taking off to higher heights. One of those worthy of mention is the highway from Kingston through Mount Rosser, coupled with a number of new housing developments throughout the North Coast. How can we take advantage of the expected increase in visitors and residents in the parish? Businesses must continue to work together to ensure that we are ready to capitalize on this massive wave of investment.

This is a great time to be alive and in business in St. Ann and I am extremely proud to be a part of this transformation towards greatness.

Let us try to find new ways of approaching old ideas in making St. Ann the investment hub of Jamaica.

How will Jamaica Benefit?

What does the new highway from Kingston to Ocho Rios really mean for Jamaica?

I decided to look deeper into the benefits vs negatives of the new highway which will open in early 2016. My findings are very encouraging to say the least. There exists little or no negatives.

Research has shown that;

The highway provides a more balanced transportation network which provides travelers with less stressful alternatives to rural area driving and flying while helping to reduce pollution and congestion.

Highway transportation systems can help reduce crashes.

It is important to note that mobility and access, while often used interchangeably, are not the same. A strong, multi-modal transport network helps overcome distances (greater mobility). It also helps us reach desired social and economic activities (better access).

Transportation investment can improve the appearance of an intersection, a street, or an entire neighbourhood.  Transportation investment can increase community cohesion and inspire a sense of togetherness – It can stimulate social interaction, increase civic participation, foster closeness among neighbours, and increase people’s sense of safety.

A new highway can, increase recreational opportunities, improve aesthetics, promote historic preservation, and mitigate pollution.  It seeks to provide better access to employment, schools, and other community destinations.

Highways make it easier to visit friends and family and to access a broad range of work, shopping, educational, health care, and recreational opportunities. A resident of Ocho Rios is within an hour’s drive of many of the nation’s leading hospitals and universities, thousands of potential employers, and two million potential friends. Long-distance opportunities are as important as local opportunities. In a weekend, the residents of Kingston can drive to Ocho Rios for foliage, rivers and beaches.

“Until communities and businesses have access to markets and resources, until workers are able to reasonably commute to jobs, and until patients can be within safe reach of doctors and medical care, the people of St. Ann will never have a full seat at the table of Jamaican prosperity. The highways are more than a road in the mountains – they are very much a lifeline.”

Faster service means faster turnaround times, and hence more frequent daily service.

The Highway gives people access to jobs, education, shopping, health care, and family and friends, particularly as development in the suburbs (Hartland Estate, Richmond Estate, Drax Hall Country Club) continues to outpace development in the older urban centers (Portmore).

Low-income Portmore and Kingston residents can reach good-paying jobs that have moved to the north coast. More specifically the significant increase in tourism investment on the north coast of the island.

Generally speaking, infrastructure investments that result in grade separation, the reduction of intersection conflict points, and the elimination of intersections entirely reduce fatalities and injuries; the safest roads are those with limited access.

The good thing about this highway is the use of roundabouts.  Moreover, there are fewer conflict points within a roundabout compared to a four-way intersection where left turns across traffic are permitted, also reducing the chances of collision. Because traffic moves through a roundabout with fewer delays, drivers are less likely to become frustrated and aggressive, further reducing the likelihood of an accident. Statistics attest to the safety of roundabouts compared to a four way intersection with stop lights.

Jamaica stands to benefit significantly, both in the short term and the long term. The reasons outlined above have made Jamaica very attractive to investors.

Research by Rory Marsh

Real Estate In Jamaica

Ocho Rios, luxury town in Jamaica

Ocho Rios, luxury town in Jamaica


Cambridge Systematics, Inc. January 2002

Community and Social Benefits of Transportation Investment

Rory Marsh, BA Organizational Communication Consultant, CEO – Meldam Realty

Rory Marsh is a qualified organizational communication consultant. He has a passion for finding prospective home owners homes that matches their needs and personality. Innately, Rory is driven to be the best at everything he does. He has extensive brand management and communication experience in both Real Estate and Retail sales.  He is energized by developing, communicating and selling ideas and products.

Rory’s most recent passion is providing doctors, university lecturers and business owners in Kingston, and Jamaica’s north coast with the ideal residential and commercial real estate solutions to suit their needs.  He is especially proud of his successes in selling and leasing resort properties. Within the last 12 months Rory has managed to close several large resort transactions in St. Ann through his resourcefulness and creative negotiation strategies.  This has allowed his clients to earn tens of millions of United States dollars in revenue.

Before his interest in real estate and assuming position as the CEO of Meldam Realty, Rory was successful in developing and managing several brands at one of the nation’s largest meat and food distribution companies. He has also provided consultative services to Jamaica Standard Products, an award winning coffee exporter, where he successfully managed the re-launch of their premium Blue Mountain brand.

Rory has been able to satisfy clients’ needs through active listening, visualization and group conceptualizing, resulting in happy customers, and successful real estate investors. It is this commitment to success which drives Rory to continue to source attractive properties for investors, by gaining extensive knowledge of the areas in which his clients’ properties are located, and keeping on top of trends in the real estate market. These key components allow him to provide accurate and sound analytical advice.

Rory’s reputation of professionalism and integrity are at the core of his success and the success of his clients.

Real Estate Sales & Rentals – Brand Strategy – Company Sales – Corporate Negotiations

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Contact Information, Phone: (876) 974-2239, Email:,


Where should I invest my money in Jamaica?

Real Estate? Manufacturing? Service Industry? Finance Industry? Tourism? Mining Industry?

Whatever sector you choose, make sure you select the best town/location.

Look for towns that are not One-Company towns.  This increases the risk of several people becoming unemployed at once if that one company closes.(Example: When Alpart and Kirkvine closed down, Mandeville felt the pain and is still feeling the pain.)

Look for towns that have a broad base of industries (Examples: Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay)

Ensure that the town has a good supply of water, electricity, good roads, housing and low crime (Example: Ocho Rios)

Look for towns that have several schools to choose from as well as locations that have good internet and phone connectivity (Examples: Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay)

In Jamaica there are three locations that are considered as ideal for major investments;

  1. Kingston
  2. Ocho Rios
  3. Montego Bay

What are some of the things which exist to support this?

Kingston: Main shipping ports, airports, manufacturing, universities, schools, corporate headquarters for major corporations, good connectivity, flat easy to build, good roads, several industries in one location.

Ocho Rios: Hotels, tourist attractions, Dunns River Falls, sugar, limestone export, bauxite production, cruise ship ports, major storage facilities for distribution centers, new highway, good connectivity, low crime, new housing solutions.

Montego Bay: Hotels, airport, ICT and free zone facilities, universities, schools, shipping port and major distribution centers.

Rory Marsh

Real Estate Agent in Jamaica

“Be Smart, Be Thrifty….. Kingston in the City!!”

Kingston is one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the Caribbean and the center of the St. Andrew metropolitan area, the premier gateway for trade in the region, with one of the world’s largest natural harbors.  Kingston exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. Kingston is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the Caribbean.  It also is the preferred dwelling to most of Jamaica’s wealthiest.

Known for its history and business diversity, Kingston boasts infrastructure and developments seen nowhere else in Jamaica.  Recognized for attracting varieties of foreign investments and investors with an eye for growth and development, Kingston prevails as an exemplary place for anyone desirous of progressing in a place where you can live, work, do business and raise families.

The capital city boasts a wealth of real estate investments both in commercial properties and homes. However, much emphasis must be placed on the city’s superb track record of being a city of commerce and business development. Recently, there has been much talk of the implementation of a logistics hub at the popular Goat Island in Clarendon that will heavily depend on developments in Kingston.

The initiative will involve the creation of state of the art logistics zones, upgrading and further development of air and sea port infrastructure and the creation of an enabling environment which will allow businesses to fully exploit Jamaica. Jamaica more specifically Kingston sits at the intersection of several maritime and aviation routes to the Americas, Europe and Western Africa.

Therefore, Kingston and other parts of Jamaica will soon be buzzing with commercial activity brought about by people from every part of the world. With that said, it is with great confidence that you are encouraged to invest in the capital city commercially so you can experience such advancements. It also will be your opportunity to obtain international exposure right here in Jamaica.

The proposed logistics hub will be in Clarendon, approximately 30 miles west of Kingston which will also be encapsulated by the Economic zone at Caymanas. With the expected buzz, it is anticipated that many investors and prospective home owners will be desirous of investing in commercial and residential real estate.

 By such time, the price of commercial and residential real estate would have hiked in comparison to the prices of the day. Now, therefore, without even the slightest shadow of a doubt is the perfect time to invest your money. The prices are fairly reasonable now and the economy is growing.

Do not wait on high prices, invest now! Your business would have already been up and running by the time the reality of the logistics hub and the economic zone arrives. Now is the appointed and opportune time for such investments.

The Chinese have already started and have paved the way for many foreign investments.               These investors also have made huge investments in the sugar industry which have proven                    to improve the mentioned industry.

To add to investment in sugar, the Chinese are putting up US$650 million to complete the north-south highway of Highway 2000. Most recently, through China Harbor Engineering Company, the investors were preparing to invest US$1.5 billion into port and logistics facilities on the island.

With the newly constructed Mount Rosser bypass and the almost completion of a state                         of the art highway, Business in Kingston will be booming as this North South link will not only attract North Coast investors and visitors but investors and visitors from Dubai, Singapore and Europe. Wouldn’t you want to compete in such environs?

It is high time for you to invest. Look at Myers Fletcher and Gordon who recently invested 100 million to the upgrading of solar panels. They’re building themselves whilst moving the country forward. That is what Kingston needs, forward thinkers. Investments that will prove to be self beneficial but more importantly, beneficial to the capital city.

Digicel must be praised for slating to invest significantly in the Telstar network to increase coverage and further expand the products, services and content available to cable customers in Jamaica. Another stellar investment is the establishment of a sub-marine fiber-optic network to provide broadband communication linkages for Jamaica to the rest of the world via the Bahamas and the United States of America.

Kingston now stands as a point of disembarkation for international investments. It serves as a commercial city linking commerce to commerce all over the island. With the proposed developments, it is certain that Kingston will definitely be the place to be in years to come.

However, now is your time to come, your time to invest, your time to take the opportunity of a life time. You cannot afford for such opportunities to pass you while they’re still fairly reasonable. Invest Today!

Take action to ensure your satisfaction

It is a natural unspoilt beauty, the air is fresh, the breeze is balmy, the land of wood and water. Situated in the north western hemisphere, 18° North 78° West lays the jewel of the Caribbean, Jamaica. Boasting a rich history, a uniquely diverse culture, a country with an aim of making the island the place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families. Jamaica stands as the ideal destination for anyone who yearns for an environment where they can invest in commercial properties, compete in a growing yet stable economy or simply just desirous of living where others dream to vacation.

More specifically, Jamaica’s North Coast is most suitable for any type of real estate investment. It stands ready to welcome investors with new ideas and a constant vision for growth. Jamaica’s golden coast boasts a collection of properties that are categorized by reasonable prices, low taxes and a reputation of attracting foreign investments without restrictions.

The newly constructed Mount Rosser bypass is being described as one of the most significant engineering developments which serves as a progressive step in the construction of a modern highway that will link Kingston to Ocho Rios. The North South link is perceived to significantly reduce travel time and also boost investments on the north coast as visitors to the island will be given the opportunity of making routine visits into Kingston as part of their itinerary.

It is opportune time for you to invest on Jamaica’s North Coast as Jamaica’s real estate prices are up to 30% lower than other Caribbean islands. Our golden coast shows a genuine appreciation for nature as depicted through a variety of attractions. Imagine an ideal get a way set in the tropical isle of Jamaica with the privilege to meet new people and enjoy a day or a life set against the backdrop of Jamaica’s wanderlust North Coast.

From swimming with dolphins to fun and laughter while zip lining in the blissful hills of the north coast, it poses as the ideal location for any investor. On the north coast, businesses thrive as it is the perfect place for every type of investment. A depiction of this is demonstrated through the announcement of investors who seek to bring submarine adventures to Ocho Rios and also the experience of a ferry ride in February 2015. From Negril point to cool cool St. Mary, a warm welcoming spirit invites you to come own a small piece of nature’s most beautiful creation!

Jamaica wins Gold at Sochi Winter Olympics

Firstly, I would like to point out that the Winter Olympics this year have been one of the most talked about Winter Olympics ever. Amidst all the scandals and negative comments about budget overruns etc. The one exciting and unique thing about the olympics is that Jamaica is back in it for the first time since the cool runnings movie.

Now, this time around a movie definitely needs to be made. Why? See plot below.

Jamaican bobsled team qualifies for Sochi
Jamaican Olympic association has no money to pay for the team to go to Sochi
Jamaican Athletes have no idea how they will get there but they stay motivated and keep training hard despite not having any way of knowing how they will make it to Sochi.
Jamaicans engage crowd funding from indiegogo and other crowd funding websites and surpass their required funding target so much so they have to ask fans to stop donating funds. Over US$170,000 in 1 week.
Jamaicans get to Sochi but their equipment does not.
Jamaicans get their equipment 2 days late and begin training after the uncertainty of finding their gears.
Jamaicans are predicted to do well. In 2 weeks we will know for sure who the real winners are of this Olympics.

Is it the Jamaican team? Is it the Jamaica Tourist board? Is it Sochi? Is it Putin? We will see in two weeks who the real winners are.

I am betting that win or lose Jamaica has won. Jamaica has now found a way to raise funding for all their national teams.

The diaspora can now help to fund Jamaica and Jamaica will or should continue to improve.

Rory Marsh

Luxury vacation homes !!!

Jamaica is the best choice to invest in a luxury vacation home.Jamaica has been and continues to be very attractive to the wealthy people around the world especially those from North America and Europe. Jamaica has a vibrant nightlife year round accompanied by exciting daytime activities including the various golf, polo and tennis clubs on the island. Jamaica’s culture is laid back and as such the people tend to always be very polite and cheerful. Because of the proximity to the earths equator Jamaica has a warm climate year round. Along with this warm weather is the fact that there are beaches in close proximity to everywhere on the island on all coasts North, South, East and West. While enjoying the theraputic scenery throughout the island it is also good to know that simple amenities and attractions are always near by when the need arises to get involved with extra activities.Jamaica is the place to be irie!!

Ocho Rios, luxury town in Jamaica

Ocho Rios, luxury town in Jamaica

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