Real estate ads in Jamaica?


What do home buyers want to see in a real estate ad?

Location-geographic area

Price and terms

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms

Convenience to schools, shopping and other amenities

Condition of property


Home buyers do not want to see An Ad that

One that oversells

Has inaccuracies

Filled with abbreviations

Ads without prices


Most important points required by the Jamaican Real Estate Board in a real estate ad

Real estate company name, address and dealer number

Contact number for real estate company

Property details

In terms of Development Schemes Real Estate Brokers MUST Follow the guidelines of The Real Estate Dealers and Developers Act

Part IV – 26. (1) & (2) and 27. (1), (2) & (3)


Property descriptions

Great care has to be taken when writing property ads

With the advent of the SEO in online searches ads get penalized if too much words are used or too little words are used

A great description can be written in 1 paragraph or 4 to 5 sentences

When choosing the words to use they must not be discriminatory, offensive or hurtful

Ads must be respectful and fact filled while still being catchy and powerful

An ad should remain focused on the quality of the property


For more details on how to create real estate ads contact Rory Marsh 876-277-2934 or visit

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