Meldam Realty serving the diaspora and beyond

Meldam Realty is doing exceptionally well in the real estate market. One of the main reasons for the high level of success the business now enjoys is as a result of its dedication to its clients.


2 bedroom 2 bathroom home at Hartland Estate, St. Ann, Jamaica for US$108,000.00

CEO Rory Marsh said the business operates under principles stipulated in its motto, “more service, less hassle.” Clients using the services of Meldam receive quality service; service ranked among the best in the market, Marsh said.

With over 4000 listing on its websites, the company has not only been successful in reaching prospective local home owners, but has been a major player in bringing information to prospective home owners in the diaspora and even persons as far as Germany, China and Russia. CEO of Meldam Realty Rory Marsh said the statistics are there to prove that his company is reaching a market far beyond the borders of Jamaica and the diaspora.  He said Meldam has been able to reach a Chinese market through it Chinese website.

“We have invested significantly in our website and backend technology. We monitor who is looking at our websites and where they are located to ensure that we are promoting the properties to the appropriate buyers,” he said.

There has been an increase in persons visiting the website from Germany and Russia. He explained that shoppers from these markets compare countries in terms of proximity to the United Sates, stock markets and real estate values.

Jamaica comes out on top,” he said.

Persons from the diaspora are also very enthused about buying property in Jamaica.

“Persons from the diaspora they want to buy here in Jamaica. They want to retire here as well as to get a vacation home. St Ann is the most sought after parish right now,” Marsh told the Jamaica Observer during an interview recently.

With the many demands, Marsh assured that there are enough new developments and properties to meet the demands. He listed developments such as Hartland Estate, Richmond Estate and Draxhall Country Club as popular choices among persons in the diaspora.

Marsh said approximately 60 percent of clients from the diaspora target these gated communities, while another 40 percent wants non-gated communities.

“Some persons want freedom to build however and whenever they would like,” he said.

“We provide all members of the diaspora with exactly what they want; we match their requirement with the inventory that we have,” he added.

Another reason for Meldam’s success is the attention given to its extensive client list.

“We have an extensive buyers client list of persons who want to buy property. When persons give us property to sell we contact person from our lists,” Marsh explained. As a result, both buyers and sellers are satisfied engaging the services of Meldam Realty.

“We match their requirement with the inventory that we have,” Marsh reiterated.

Marsh said Meldam is expanding to meet the needs of clients by having agents in Montego Bay, Negril and Kingston with agents in these locations. Marsh said agents are not only strategically placed, but that these agents are trained to meet the needs of Meldam’s clients.

“All Meldam agents go through hands on training. They are licensed by the Real Estate Board and are members of the Realtors Association of Jamaica,” Marsh said.

He said training of agents is done on a monthly basis.

“All our agents across the island have a full understanding of procedures to provide the best service possible,” Marsh said.

He said technology and training are two main areas focused on by Meldam.

“Our agents are equipped with applications to conduct transactions  regarding marketing of properties directly from their smart phones in real time,” he said.

“We ensure that the highest quality pictures are taken of every property and uploaded in the fastest time possible,” he continued.


Very soon, Meldam will have other locations a part from its centrally located Ocho Rios main office.  Marsh said while some persons may bypass the realtors to buy properties, going through a realtor like Meldam can prove very beneficial to the potential homeowner or those wanting to sell.

“The realtor knows about all properties on the market. It allows you to have a wider variety of properties to choose from. We also guide the buyers with the benefits and drawbacks of certain communities,” Marsh explained.

Marsh said Meldam focuses on a wide variety of properties giving its clients the opportunity to choose.

“We don’t just focus on expensive properties. We focus on affordable and  luxury properties,” he said.

In order to further ensure that persons get value for their money Marsh said clients are encouraged to get valuations of properties done. For persons buying houses which are not new, Meldam encourages getting a contractor or certified engineer to examine the property.

“Our goal is to make our customers satisfied through providing a professional  and high level of service at a first world standard,” Marsh said.

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