Over the past decades, Jamaican athletes have dominated the Olympic Games and have thus created a name for Jamaica on the world’s stage. The athletes have worked assiduously over the years to gain fame and exposure not only for themselves but also for Jamaica as a destination of choice to work, live, raise families and do business.

With our previous success and our blazing powerhouse of athletes, we have no doubt that these 2016 Rio Olympics will be no different and we will once again dominate the Olympic Games. We are equipped with the likes of Usain Bolt (world’s fastest man), Shelly- Ann Frazer-Pryce, Yohan Blake, and many others and are confident going forward that this year will be no different.

Sports fanatics world -wide have described our athletes as having quicksilver burning in their bones but little do they know that we are equipped with more powerful weapons. I speak of the yam, the beans, the cocoa and the dasheen which pushes our athletes to run with the speed of any super machine.

Given the exposure Jamaica will receive, it is expected that the country will also receive an economic boost with a possible inflow of foreign exchange from tourist who are desirous of living the life of the Jamaican athletes. Therefore, the Rio 2016 Olympics will stand as an opportunity for us to promote and enhance brand Jamaica which will in turn aid in boosting the country’s economy.

Therefore, not only will Jamaica rule the track at the 2016 Rio Olympics but will also obtain the exposure needed to boost Sports tourism and as such we can safely conclude that the 2016 Rio Olympics belongs to Jamaica.

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