Blue Hole Jamaica otherwise known as the Irie Blue Hole or the Secret Falls is located in the hills of Jamaica on the border of the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary, around 20 minutes from the town of Ocho Rios. The turquoise water, the breath-taking falls and the beautiful flora are just a few reasons Blue Hole has undoubtedly become Jamaica’s #1 attractions.

The Blue Hole is divided into two sections. The main section features turquoise blue water that openly invites you to take a plunge. Many visitors to the attraction have expressed how welcoming and inviting the water is. There is a Tarzan swing for anyone feeling adventurous and wants to make their plunge a little more exciting. To top this off, after your plunge, little hidden caves can be seen as you swim around in the enchanting blue hole waters.

The Other section is a sight to behold featuring a cascading waterfall which displays a truly beautiful shade of blue when the river gushes down. The blue hole is also perfect for hiking as well as there are treks and pathways yet to be explored. It if the perfect option for simply every type of family who craves a day of enjoyment and excitement.

The Blue Hole in St. Ann is waiting for you! It isn’t your everyday attraction as it has not yet been fully commercialised so no need to worry about vendors and much spending cost. This allows you to simply enjoy a day relaxing, swimming, jumping or laughing with family, friends or whomever.

Come explore this hidden beauty today!

Meldam Realty (876) 974- 2239  Email:info@meldamrealty.com

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