Where to buy Real Estate in Jamaica

Opening_Property-Overview_Aerial-with-Spa-22014-02-02 11.02.12Wentworth Drive, St. Mary

Jamaica, known to many as the land of wood and water has emerged from simply being a once colonised English nation producing tobacco and sugar for export and has gone on to make a name for its self on the world’s stage in music, athletics and tourism. Additionally, Jamaica boasts the interest of various international investors in commercial and residential properties. As such Jamaica as it stands is ready and awaiting anyone who desires to make Jamaica their place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families. ,

You may be wondering, where in Jamaica are these investments being made? Where can you find attractive yet reasonable real estate to invest in? Well, my friend, fate would have it that you read this article as I am here to tell you about an area ranging from Negril Point to the cool hills of St. Mary. This is Jamaica’s North Coast which unapologetically is the most ideal place to purchase commercial or residential real estate in Jamaica.

Jamaica’s North coast possesses a collection of properties ranging from wonderful Westmoreland to sensational St. Mary and is generally categorised by reasonable prices, low taxes and a reputation of attracting foreign investments without restrictions. These properties are further characterised by their differences in location, size and prices and thus with such variety, it is almost certain that real estate available on the North Coast can satisfy the vision of any investor/ purchaser.

The parishes on the North Coast are always developing whether it is through business establishment or through the creation of new housing projects which suggests that there is an equal balance which seems suitable for any investor. The North Coast is also ideally positioned for commuters to get in and out of other parishes with little hassle. This is due to the development of the North-South leg of the highway which drastically reduces travel time between Kingston and Ocho Rios to 45 minutes.

The government of Jamaica over time has carried out many projects which were geared towards improving the North Coast and this only goes to show that even the government sees huge potential in developing the North Coast and so should you.

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