When is the best time to buy Real Estate in Jamaica?

is-now-the-time-to-invest-in-the-energy-sectorview from house 2

In previous years, the Jamaican real estate market has experienced a steady decline in real estate investments as the perception was held that properties were significantly overpriced. This perception, however, has changed drastically. Statistics have shown that the market is now growing steadily and expanding strongly. It is an opportune time for you to make investments in Jamaica’s commercial and residential real estate.

This being mainly as a result of international investors realizing that Jamaican properties are reasonably priced and somewhat undervalued which is contrary to what was previously perceived.  Therefore; all investors are invited to take advantage of this opportunity before the prices are increased. This view has been openly emphasized and endorsed by Hon G Anthony Hylton, then Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce. The former Minister in addressing members of the Diaspora made sure to emphasize that the time for investment is now as Jamaica is more competitive and more focused. You, therefore need to take this initiative and act now.

With that said, statistics have shown that with Jamaica’s growing population, the demand for residential real estate is higher than ever before .This coupled with the growing demand for Jamaican real estate from international investors further demonstrates the attractiveness of the Jamaican Real Estate market at this time.

Additionally, it must also be noted that the Government of Jamaica in partnership with China Harbour Engineering has made significant improvements to the nation’s roads .There has also been foreign investment in various sectors in Jamaica such as the tourism and agriculture sector. The growth of these sectors has in turn significantly impacted the economy of Jamaica.

Thus, we can see that with Jamaica’s economy expanding and growth steadily increasing, Jamaica will be moving on to compete internationally with other markets. It,therefore is your time to come own a little piece of nature’s most beautiful creation.

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