What type of Real Estate should I buy in Jamaica?

Jamaica , an island in the sun characterised by the warmth of its people, the uniqueness of its cultural diversity and the magnificent real estate awaiting investments from anyone who has a vision for growth. Jamaica as an island has 3 counties: Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey which contains the 14 parishes. Though it is an established belief that each parish has something different to offer whether it is tourists’ resorts, food or even various language registers, all parishes can join in agreement that real estate is common to all.

Real Estate as defined by the legal dictionary is a modern term for land and anything that is permanently affixed to it. Thus, Real Estate in Jamaica can be categorised by their nature of being residential or commercial. As such individuals are invited to purchase or invest in a residential lot/ property and/ or a lot for commercial use or a commercial edifice.

Commercial real estate is any property used non-residentially for profit or income making purposes and can include offices, supermarkets, malls and just about any property used to garner income. Consequently, if you are looking to start or expand a business in Jamaica, it is recommended that you purchase properties whether they be land, offices or storage spaces. Commercial Real Estate is available island wide to investors without restrictions.

Residential Real Estate speaks to any property whose many purpose is to be used to occupy residents or for dwelling. The population in Jamaica is constantly expanding which simply acts as an indicator that the demand for homes is growing. Thus, if you seek to own a home or somewhere to create a family, purchasing real estate in Jamaica would be ideal as the prices are reasonably affordable.

Real Estate in Jamaica is available to any and everyone who dreams of owning a commercial space or a place for residing as Jamaican real estate is characterised by reasonable prices and purchasing real estate without restrictions. Therefore, the time to invest is now as a variety in price, location and size awaits you.

For more information on commerical and residential investments, contact Meldam Realty at 974-2239 or email at info@meldamrealty.com.

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