Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) otherwise known as drones are vehicles that are capable of travel without requiring a human to be on board.  They may be operated remotely by humans or may be capable of autonomous operation. Within the past 5 years or so, drones have been quite the buzz and topics of conversation in business, leisure and commercial circles worldwide.

A growing trend also in recent years has been the use of drone technology in real estate where real estate developers, agents, vendors and purchasers can agree that it makes business easier and more marketable. There definitely are benefits to be reaped from using drones in real estate.

Firstly, drones serve as an ideal tool for showing property. Realtors in various parts of the world have been using drones to give virtual tours of properties which in turn provides the potential buyer with a real “touch and feel” of the property. Drones provide both aerial photography and videography and this advantageously is better than a normal photography camera as it establishes a visual reference for the size and boundaries of the property. It also, can be used to give purchasers a feel of what neighbourhoods are like and distances to amenities etc.

Additionally, using drone technology in real estate ventures increases the desirability and attractiveness of the properties you are marketing. Realtors who have used drones attest to the idea that drones add a touch of class, elegance and opulence to even the quaintest of properties.

Realtors worldwide, based on research have been going crazy over the attention their listing have been getting because of the inclusion of videos and aerial shots. It allows them to market properties to clients both nationally and internationally without realtors even having to leave the office or clients having to leave home. Drones have therefore proven to be very beneficial to real estate and is thus recommended to all realtors.

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