Who to buy Real Estate from in Jamaica



Buying Real Estate in Jamaica has proven over time to go in either of two directions. For some individuals, purchasing real estate has been a worthwhile experience while there are those who unfortunately have had some real negative experiences, disappointments and let downs. As such, it is essential to any purchaser to know where to go for a great experience, good customer service, professionalism and ideal properties.

Meldam Realty of Ocho Rios in St. Ann fits the latter description very well. With over 45 years of experience as a real estate firm, Meldam Realty stands ready to serve with high integrity and professionalism. Their portfolio covers not only houses and lots but expands to commercial real estate including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, specialised development complexes, small and large office buildings, medical office space, apartments, farms, villas and large-scale development land.

Their agents are highly qualified individuals who serve with professionalism and honesty. The company has made it their mission to exceed the expectations of their clients by ensuring that all agents are knowledgeable and equipped with all the information and etiquettes needed to serve you. They work assiduously in making sure that properties are well presented and elegantly displayed.

Meldam Realty stands as a stalwart in the Real Estate field and has been the recipients of the numerous awards and commendations. As such, Meldam is the ideal broker if you are selling or desirous of purchasing. Many individuals have trusted the best, the best is Meldam and so should you.

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