The Jamaican Diaspora in England and what they mean to Jamaica?



ocho rios view

A diaspora as defined by the Oxford dictionary is the dispersion of any people from their original homeland. Thus, all individuals who are Jamaicans residing outside of Jamaica are a part of the Jamaican diaspora. Consequently, there are established Jamaican diaspora movements worldwide that are geared towards uniting Jamaicans in the diaspora with Jamaicans of like mind in Jamaica. One such group is found in England and like the others, they are focused on building and moving Jamaica forward.

The diaspora in England serves to strengthen the links and support systems between Jamaicans residing abroad and those at home; deepen the collaboration and cooperation between the stakeholder groups that serve them and facilitate and increase the scope and impact of the contribution of the Diaspora to the development of Jamaicans at home and abroad.

Additionally, the Jamaican diaspora in England and other established places must be credited as playing a vital role in the survival of the Jamaican economy through remittances. Remittances, in this instance, refer to funds sent from expatriates to their home country via wire, mail etc. For the past decade or so, remittances have acted as the largest inflow of foreign exchange for Jamaica and other Caribbean islands as many Caribbean families depend heavily upon remittances to carry out daily activities.

With investments and contributions to schools, hospitals and disaster relief, the Jamaican Diaspora in England and other parts of the world stand as a driving force behind Jamaica’s success and survival.

The Jamaican diaspora in England also represents a wide pool of real estate investors who through investing in both commercial and residential real estate, assist in the growth and stabilisation of the economy. Though they reside in the UK, their ultimate desire is to retire at home and as such diaspora members consistently invest in Jamaica’s real estate.

With that said, for any member of the diaspora desirous of further contributing to your homeland’s growth through real estate, you may contact Meldam Realty in Ocho Rios at 974-2239 or email at

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