How to sell Real Estate in Jamaica


The island of Jamaica is mainly known for its uniqueness in cultural diversity and its welcoming spirit to any visitor to our island. However, one very essential aspect that makes Jamaica world renown is its ability to attract local and international investments in both commercial and residential real estate.

The Jamaican population is rapidly growing which simply means that the demand is also growing for both residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, the international community is very interested in purchasing commercial real estate to establish businesses in Jamaica but is also looking to invest in residential real estate.

And as such, it is essential that anyone desirous of selling real estate in Jamaica become aware of the basic “know-how” to selling real estate which would in turn aid in attracting these local and international investors. For those owning residential real estate, it is particularly essential that the property whether plots of land or a house be made presentable to attract any prospective buyer. This may stand as a deciding factor in whether you obtain a quick sale.

Thus, residential property owners must work hard to ensure that the place is bushed, the look and feel of the property is clean and in a presentable manner and that it is physically attractive to buyers. This,therefore means that if the paint is wearing out, you may give it a face lift by adding a fresh coat of paint or simply filling potholes en route to your property.

For those selling commercial real estate (office or storage space), one needs to ensure that the spaces are clean and  would be attractive to prospective buyers. Ensure that doors , drawers and any equipment being sold with the real estate is in good working condition in an effort to convince the potential buyer that there is little repair to be done.

After all the necessary boxes are ticked, the next RECOMMENDED step is to contact a registered real estate company to list your property which would positively expose your property.The realtor will then take you through the steps and give any advice needed in relation to selling your property. With that said, anyone desirous of selling real estate may contact Meldam Realty in Ocho Rios St. Ann where a warm welcoming spirit awaits you.

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