Important reasons why members of the Jamaican diaspora should move back home.

Welcome home to the land of wood and water.  An amazing island, home to bright beautiful faces, passionate beings, Paradise. Jamaicans stand out in the eyes of the world.  Jamaicans share a united vision and aim to be the best at anything they do no matter where they go.


Members of the diaspora venture to new opportunities outside Jamaican shores, but no matter where they roam, there is this deep urge, way down for some, to long for ‘HOME’.  They went away, worked hard, now it’s time to live the dream.


A less stressed life, less work, less taxes, less bills, good healthy organic food at little or no cost as you can grow your own food and eat from the land.  Great weather, with summer all year means no shoveling of snow.  It’s an investment not just financially but for the mind and the body resulting in a longer, happier life.


Most members of the diaspora are purchasing land now as Jamaica is ranked as one of the fastest growing islands in the world.  Jamaica is one of the best retirement destinations and in a few years it will be very expensive to purchase properties.  Everyone should try to retire at an earlier age to really enjoy the island.  This amazing land of our birth. Our home, Jamaica.

view from house 2

For more information on available land for sale in Jamaica, please contact; or 876-974-2239  Meldam Realty Jamaica

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