The main thing Disney World in Florida and Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica have in common.


Walt Disney chose the Disney World site in Orlando, Florida strategically.

The site is located at the intersection of the major highways running south to north and east to west in the center of Florida.  Being in the center of the state allows Florida residents and tourists to visit the attraction easily by car.

Disney World is located between two major cities Jacksonville in the north and Miami to the south and between two smaller cities, Tampa to the west and Orlando to the east.

Dunn’s River Falls is located at the intersection of two main highways between two major cities Kingston to the south and Montego Bay to the north west. It is also located between Ocho Rios and Falmouth two of the largest cruise ship destinations in the Caribbean on Jamaica’s north coast.

Dunn’s River is located in the center of the island making it easy for Jamaican residents and tourist to visit by car.

Based on the success of the developed Disney World and its environs it is only natural to assume that any location within ten miles of Dunn’s River Falls will continue to develop aggressively.

Florida’s leading attraction is Disney World and the Caribbean’s leading attraction is Dunn’s River Falls and they both are centrally located and have an easy access to the highways crossing the country.

Locations in Jamaica that are ripe for investment which are located within ten minutes from the highway intersection and Dunn’s River Falls are Mammee Bay, Drax Hall, North Coast Highway Development, St. Ann’s Bay, Richmond Estate, Hartland Estate and Runaway Bay.

Great locations and warm climates are a sure recipe for success!!!!


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