2016 is set to be the best year for Jamaica’s tourism, stock market and real estate

The two words on everyones lips, Investment & Jamaica.  However, more specifically where in Jamaica?  The three locations most in demand are Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Kingston.

There is an increase in queries for real estate and a buzz about the Jamaican stock market.  Several individuals saw the Bloomberg article recently about how well the Jamaican stock market is performing.  This has cast Jamaica in a very positive light for both local and international investors.  There is a sense of excitement.  Even though it is the Christmas season in Jamaica you can feel the increased energy among the people that something big is about to happen.


People are asking the question should I buy stocks or should I purchase real estate?  My advice is to go with what you know.  Go with which ever you have a strong understanding, so that you can make sound decisions.  Both sectors are performing well and the worst thing to do, is to not participate.  If there is any time to invest in Jamaica it’s now.  There has never been a time in our history that so many positives are happening all at the same time especially when there are so many negatives all around the world.


Jamaica’s crime is bad, but it’s improving compared to other countries in the world that are getting worse.  The infrastructure is now first world with telecommunications, roads and airports being ranked among the Caribbean’s best.


Ten reasons why Jamaica is looking amazing to the world for 2016.

  1. Real Estate investments are booming
  2. New tours and attractions are being created with the latest craze being the Blue Hole in St. Ann
  3. Affordable and reliable telephone & internet technology
  4. Excellent airlift to everywhere in the world
  5. Amazing resorts being built along the North Coast and Kingston. Jamaica’s tourism product is on target to surpass Cancun and the Dominican Republic within the next 5 years
  6. Excellent food and music selections available, Bob Marley’s music is stronger than ever
  7. Amazing beaches and water falls
  8. Friendly and educated people
  9. Athletes like Usain Bolt and others are leading the world
  10. Culture and cool environment, Jamaica was recently ranked in the top three for being the coolest place to visit in the world and by extension to live


Investment opportunities for 2016:

  1. Affordable real estate
  2. Training & language institutes for hospitality related careers
  3. Technology training centres
  4. Sales & customer service training schools
  5. Affordable fruits, vegetables, livestock to supply local and export market
  6. Coffee shops & Bistros
  7. Restaurants – Casual, fine dining & fast food
  8. Landscaping technicians
  9. Wedding planners
  10. Appliance and auto repair technicians
  11. Carpenters & mechanics
  12. Health food stores and restaurants
  13. Caterers
  14. Personal trainers and fitness centers
  15. Child day care facilities
  16. Computer support technicians
  17. Furniture and cabinet makers
  18. Hotel staff
  19. Interior decorator
  20. Medical facilities
  21. Bicycle shops
  22. Property Management
  23. Amusement parks
  24. Games arcades

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