Where should I invest my money in Jamaica?

Real Estate? Manufacturing? Service Industry? Finance Industry? Tourism? Mining Industry?

Whatever sector you choose, make sure you select the best town/location.

Look for towns that are not One-Company towns.  This increases the risk of several people becoming unemployed at once if that one company closes.(Example: When Alpart and Kirkvine closed down, Mandeville felt the pain and is still feeling the pain.)

Look for towns that have a broad base of industries (Examples: Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay)

Ensure that the town has a good supply of water, electricity, good roads, housing and low crime (Example: Ocho Rios)

Look for towns that have several schools to choose from as well as locations that have good internet and phone connectivity (Examples: Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay)

In Jamaica there are three locations that are considered as ideal for major investments;

  1. Kingston
  2. Ocho Rios
  3. Montego Bay

What are some of the things which exist to support this?

Kingston: Main shipping ports, airports, manufacturing, universities, schools, corporate headquarters for major corporations, good connectivity, flat easy to build, good roads, several industries in one location.

Ocho Rios: Hotels, tourist attractions, Dunns River Falls, sugar, limestone export, bauxite production, cruise ship ports, major storage facilities for distribution centers, new highway, good connectivity, low crime, new housing solutions.

Montego Bay: Hotels, airport, ICT and free zone facilities, universities, schools, shipping port and major distribution centers.

Rory Marsh

Real Estate Agent in Jamaica

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