“Be Smart, Be Thrifty….. Kingston in the City!!”

Kingston is one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the Caribbean and the center of the St. Andrew metropolitan area, the premier gateway for trade in the region, with one of the world’s largest natural harbors.  Kingston exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. Kingston is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the Caribbean.  It also is the preferred dwelling to most of Jamaica’s wealthiest.

Known for its history and business diversity, Kingston boasts infrastructure and developments seen nowhere else in Jamaica.  Recognized for attracting varieties of foreign investments and investors with an eye for growth and development, Kingston prevails as an exemplary place for anyone desirous of progressing in a place where you can live, work, do business and raise families.

The capital city boasts a wealth of real estate investments both in commercial properties and homes. However, much emphasis must be placed on the city’s superb track record of being a city of commerce and business development. Recently, there has been much talk of the implementation of a logistics hub at the popular Goat Island in Clarendon that will heavily depend on developments in Kingston.

The initiative will involve the creation of state of the art logistics zones, upgrading and further development of air and sea port infrastructure and the creation of an enabling environment which will allow businesses to fully exploit Jamaica. Jamaica more specifically Kingston sits at the intersection of several maritime and aviation routes to the Americas, Europe and Western Africa.

Therefore, Kingston and other parts of Jamaica will soon be buzzing with commercial activity brought about by people from every part of the world. With that said, it is with great confidence that you are encouraged to invest in the capital city commercially so you can experience such advancements. It also will be your opportunity to obtain international exposure right here in Jamaica.

The proposed logistics hub will be in Clarendon, approximately 30 miles west of Kingston which will also be encapsulated by the Economic zone at Caymanas. With the expected buzz, it is anticipated that many investors and prospective home owners will be desirous of investing in commercial and residential real estate.

 By such time, the price of commercial and residential real estate would have hiked in comparison to the prices of the day. Now, therefore, without even the slightest shadow of a doubt is the perfect time to invest your money. The prices are fairly reasonable now and the economy is growing.

Do not wait on high prices, invest now! Your business would have already been up and running by the time the reality of the logistics hub and the economic zone arrives. Now is the appointed and opportune time for such investments.

The Chinese have already started and have paved the way for many foreign investments.               These investors also have made huge investments in the sugar industry which have proven                    to improve the mentioned industry.

To add to investment in sugar, the Chinese are putting up US$650 million to complete the north-south highway of Highway 2000. Most recently, through China Harbor Engineering Company, the investors were preparing to invest US$1.5 billion into port and logistics facilities on the island.

With the newly constructed Mount Rosser bypass and the almost completion of a state                         of the art highway, Business in Kingston will be booming as this North South link will not only attract North Coast investors and visitors but investors and visitors from Dubai, Singapore and Europe. Wouldn’t you want to compete in such environs?

It is high time for you to invest. Look at Myers Fletcher and Gordon who recently invested 100 million to the upgrading of solar panels. They’re building themselves whilst moving the country forward. That is what Kingston needs, forward thinkers. Investments that will prove to be self beneficial but more importantly, beneficial to the capital city.

Digicel must be praised for slating to invest significantly in the Telstar network to increase coverage and further expand the products, services and content available to cable customers in Jamaica. Another stellar investment is the establishment of a sub-marine fiber-optic network to provide broadband communication linkages for Jamaica to the rest of the world via the Bahamas and the United States of America.

Kingston now stands as a point of disembarkation for international investments. It serves as a commercial city linking commerce to commerce all over the island. With the proposed developments, it is certain that Kingston will definitely be the place to be in years to come.

However, now is your time to come, your time to invest, your time to take the opportunity of a life time. You cannot afford for such opportunities to pass you while they’re still fairly reasonable. Invest Today!

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