Jamaica wins Gold at Sochi Winter Olympics

Firstly, I would like to point out that the Winter Olympics this year have been one of the most talked about Winter Olympics ever. Amidst all the scandals and negative comments about budget overruns etc. The one exciting and unique thing about the olympics is that Jamaica is back in it for the first time since the cool runnings movie.

Now, this time around a movie definitely needs to be made. Why? See plot below.

Jamaican bobsled team qualifies for Sochi
Jamaican Olympic association has no money to pay for the team to go to Sochi
Jamaican Athletes have no idea how they will get there but they stay motivated and keep training hard despite not having any way of knowing how they will make it to Sochi.
Jamaicans engage crowd funding from indiegogo and other crowd funding websites and surpass their required funding target so much so they have to ask fans to stop donating funds. Over US$170,000 in 1 week.
Jamaicans get to Sochi but their equipment does not.
Jamaicans get their equipment 2 days late and begin training after the uncertainty of finding their gears.
Jamaicans are predicted to do well. In 2 weeks we will know for sure who the real winners are of this Olympics.

Is it the Jamaican team? Is it the Jamaica Tourist board? Is it Sochi? Is it Putin? We will see in two weeks who the real winners are.

I am betting that win or lose Jamaica has won. Jamaica has now found a way to raise funding for all their national teams.

The diaspora can now help to fund Jamaica and Jamaica will or should continue to improve.

Rory Marsh

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