Cold Weather in Toronto, Canada and New York

Since the start of the cold weather in Canada and New York I have noticed a sharp increase in calls from Jamaicans living in these regions about property for sale in Jamaica. If it is not the cold weather it must be how well Tessanne Chin did in the Voice show. Jamaica has been fortunate this 2013. Bolt and Shelly won their races, there were no hurricanes and the real estate prices continue to go up even though inventory continues to increase.

There are several positive things coming out of Jamaica and a few negative. Fortunately the positive far outweigh the negative.

Water is clear and blue
Food is great as featured on the Food Network Ms. T Kitchen
Athletes are doing great
Music is doing great
50,000 people are expected at Rebel Salute music festival alone
Coffee is growing and tasting great
Land prices are going up
Low price on education and health care
Tourism arrivals are at record numbers
Falmouth is Growing
Ocho Rios is expanding and improving
The highway from Kingston to Ocho Rios is on target to be finished by 2016

The list can go on and on about the positives in Jamaica.

Lets keep the positive energy flowing Jamaica!!!

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