ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Reduction in GCT from 17.5% to 16.5% will keep a small sum of money in your pockets if you are purchasing or selling a home.

Rory Marsh

Real Estate Sales in Jamaica

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  1. Why invest in Jamaican Real Estate at this time?

    Strong rental demand
    Purchasing real estate in Jamaica is simply the purchase of a future income stream; Jamaica currently has a high demand for affordable residential & commercial properties. As the cost of living increases, people will look at the rental option thus making income earning properties more attractive for investment purposes.

    Less risky and competitive returns
    Over the past 5 years residential and commercial Jamaican real estate has performed credibly together with low volatility relative to equities and bonds. Properties with the greatest returns tend to be properties priced between 6 and 19 million in the regions of Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

    Jamaican Real Estate is a tangible asset that you can literally keep your eyes on
    Unlike stocks and, to some extent, bonds; an investment in real estate is backed by a high level of brick and mortar. There is minimal dependence on managers and agents to monitor your investment on your behalf.

    Very Attractive and Stable Income Return
    A important feature of Jamaican real estate investments is the significant proportion of total return, accruing from rental income over the long term. Over a 30 year period from 2013 to 2043, a property purchased for J$16million and rented for J$85,000 per month will see just over J$30million from inflows of rental income. The capital gain over this period will also be great on the property. If one chooses to sell the property based on current trends, they will see values increase by over 30% bringing the value to just over $20million. (Current example is Richmond Estate in Ocho Rios, St. Ann)

    Diversification of your portfolio
    A major benefit of investing in Jamaican real estate is adding a low risk component to your portfolio. When compared to current trends values of property and replacement values are increasing. Government bonds and interest rates at this time are not enjoying the same levels of increases.

    The drawback to Jamaican Real Estate
    The main concern that people have is converting real estate to cash. Bonds and stocks can be converted by the click of a button. However, this can be minimized with proper planning and selection of the appropriate real estate broker which utilizes the Jamaican MLS system. An investor can begin the liquidation process with a fair amount of success.

    Final Point on Jamaican Real Estate
    Jamaican real estate is a unique and proven asset class that is easy to understand and can enhance the risk and return profile of an investor’s portfolio. It provides competitive returns and attractive income streams. As long as individuals desire to either live or work in Jamaica the demand for Real Estate will remain robust.

    Based on my review online for real estate brokers in Jamaica, Meldam Realtors seem to have a comprehensive list of properties and a good sense of what is happening in the market.

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