What do home buyers want to see in a real estate ad?

Location-geographic area

Price and terms

Number of bedrooms

Number of bathrooms

Convenience to schools, shopping and other amenities

Condition of property


Home buyers do not want to see An Ad that

One that oversells

Has inaccuracies

Filled with abbreviations

Ads without prices


Most important points required by the Jamaican Real Estate Board in a real estate ad

Real estate company name, address and dealer number

Contact number for real estate company

Property details

In terms of Development Schemes Real Estate Brokers MUST Follow the guidelines of The Real Estate Dealers and Developers Act

Part IV – 26. (1) & (2) and 27. (1), (2) & (3)


Property descriptions

Great care has to be taken when writing property ads

With the advent of the SEO in online searches ads get penalized if too much words are used or too little words are used

A great description can be written in 1 paragraph or 4 to 5 sentences

When choosing the words to use they must not be discriminatory, offensive or hurtful

Ads must be respectful and fact filled while still being catchy and powerful

An ad should remain focused on the quality of the property


For more details on how to create real estate ads contact Rory Marsh 876-277-2934 or visit www.kellerwilliamsjamaica.com

Montego Bay welcomes Keller Williams Realty, largest Real Estate Franchise in the world!

On Friday, 15th of November 2018, Real Estate Buyers and Sellers can now experience the services of the newest Keller Williams Jamaica Realty Business Centre at Fairview, Montego Bay. The Business Centre at Fairview can be conveniently found on the ground floor of the new Fearview ICON MALL, which has a significant amount of parking.

“Keller Williams Jamaica Realty is excited about the residential and commercial development in Montego Bay,” said Rory Marsh, Managing Director of Keller Williams.  “Real Estate in Jamaica is a growing sector and Keller Williams Jamaica Realty has equipped itself to handle the increased demand from property investors on the North Coast.”

Keller Williams Jamaica Realty focuses on providing their clients with professionalism and integrity.  This is accomplished through the intense training and access to the latest technology. The company has over 50 and counting island wide adding to billions of dollars’ worth of inventory.  This makes the brokerage one of the largest, not only in Jamaica, but in the Caribbean.

“Being one of the largest brokerages on the island provides several benefits to customers”, said Marsh. “It enables properties to be marketed to a wider agent network both locally and internationally, thereby providing properties with maximum exposure.”

Keller Williams Realty is the world’s largest Real Estate Franchise with over 180,000 agents across the globe.  Jamaica was the first Caribbean island to experience the Keller Williams difference and because of the overwhelming success, the model is being replicated across the Caribbean with Bermuda and Trinidad being the newest market centres to open in 2018.

Meldam Realty serving the diaspora and beyond

Meldam Realty is doing exceptionally well in the real estate market. One of the main reasons for the high level of success the business now enjoys is as a result of its dedication to its clients.


2 bedroom 2 bathroom home at Hartland Estate, St. Ann, Jamaica for US$108,000.00

CEO Rory Marsh said the business operates under principles stipulated in its motto, “more service, less hassle.” Clients using the services of Meldam receive quality service; service ranked among the best in the market, Marsh said.

With over 4000 listing on its websites, the company has not only been successful in reaching prospective local home owners, but has been a major player in bringing information to prospective home owners in the diaspora and even persons as far as Germany, China and Russia. CEO of Meldam Realty Rory Marsh said the statistics are there to prove that his company is reaching a market far beyond the borders of Jamaica and the diaspora.  He said Meldam has been able to reach a Chinese market through it Chinese website.

“We have invested significantly in our website and backend technology. We monitor who is looking at our websites and where they are located to ensure that we are promoting the properties to the appropriate buyers,” he said.

There has been an increase in persons visiting the website from Germany and Russia. He explained that shoppers from these markets compare countries in terms of proximity to the United Sates, stock markets and real estate values.

Jamaica comes out on top,” he said.

Persons from the diaspora are also very enthused about buying property in Jamaica.

“Persons from the diaspora they want to buy here in Jamaica. They want to retire here as well as to get a vacation home. St Ann is the most sought after parish right now,” Marsh told the Jamaica Observer during an interview recently.

With the many demands, Marsh assured that there are enough new developments and properties to meet the demands. He listed developments such as Hartland Estate, Richmond Estate and Draxhall Country Club as popular choices among persons in the diaspora.

Marsh said approximately 60 percent of clients from the diaspora target these gated communities, while another 40 percent wants non-gated communities.

“Some persons want freedom to build however and whenever they would like,” he said.

“We provide all members of the diaspora with exactly what they want; we match their requirement with the inventory that we have,” he added.

Another reason for Meldam’s success is the attention given to its extensive client list.

“We have an extensive buyers client list of persons who want to buy property. When persons give us property to sell we contact person from our lists,” Marsh explained. As a result, both buyers and sellers are satisfied engaging the services of Meldam Realty.

“We match their requirement with the inventory that we have,” Marsh reiterated.

Marsh said Meldam is expanding to meet the needs of clients by having agents in Montego Bay, Negril and Kingston with agents in these locations. Marsh said agents are not only strategically placed, but that these agents are trained to meet the needs of Meldam’s clients.

“All Meldam agents go through hands on training. They are licensed by the Real Estate Board and are members of the Realtors Association of Jamaica,” Marsh said.

He said training of agents is done on a monthly basis.

“All our agents across the island have a full understanding of procedures to provide the best service possible,” Marsh said.

He said technology and training are two main areas focused on by Meldam.

“Our agents are equipped with applications to conduct transactions  regarding marketing of properties directly from their smart phones in real time,” he said.

“We ensure that the highest quality pictures are taken of every property and uploaded in the fastest time possible,” he continued.


Very soon, Meldam will have other locations a part from its centrally located Ocho Rios main office.  Marsh said while some persons may bypass the realtors to buy properties, going through a realtor like Meldam can prove very beneficial to the potential homeowner or those wanting to sell.

“The realtor knows about all properties on the market. It allows you to have a wider variety of properties to choose from. We also guide the buyers with the benefits and drawbacks of certain communities,” Marsh explained.

Marsh said Meldam focuses on a wide variety of properties giving its clients the opportunity to choose.

“We don’t just focus on expensive properties. We focus on affordable and  luxury properties,” he said.

In order to further ensure that persons get value for their money Marsh said clients are encouraged to get valuations of properties done. For persons buying houses which are not new, Meldam encourages getting a contractor or certified engineer to examine the property.

“Our goal is to make our customers satisfied through providing a professional  and high level of service at a first world standard,” Marsh said.




Over the past decades, Jamaican athletes have dominated the Olympic Games and have thus created a name for Jamaica on the world’s stage. The athletes have worked assiduously over the years to gain fame and exposure not only for themselves but also for Jamaica as a destination of choice to work, live, raise families and do business.

With our previous success and our blazing powerhouse of athletes, we have no doubt that these 2016 Rio Olympics will be no different and we will once again dominate the Olympic Games. We are equipped with the likes of Usain Bolt (world’s fastest man), Shelly- Ann Frazer-Pryce, Yohan Blake, and many others and are confident going forward that this year will be no different.

Sports fanatics world -wide have described our athletes as having quicksilver burning in their bones but little do they know that we are equipped with more powerful weapons. I speak of the yam, the beans, the cocoa and the dasheen which pushes our athletes to run with the speed of any super machine.

Given the exposure Jamaica will receive, it is expected that the country will also receive an economic boost with a possible inflow of foreign exchange from tourist who are desirous of living the life of the Jamaican athletes. Therefore, the Rio 2016 Olympics will stand as an opportunity for us to promote and enhance brand Jamaica which will in turn aid in boosting the country’s economy.

Therefore, not only will Jamaica rule the track at the 2016 Rio Olympics but will also obtain the exposure needed to boost Sports tourism and as such we can safely conclude that the 2016 Rio Olympics belongs to Jamaica.


Blue Hole Jamaica otherwise known as the Irie Blue Hole or the Secret Falls is located in the hills of Jamaica on the border of the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary, around 20 minutes from the town of Ocho Rios. The turquoise water, the breath-taking falls and the beautiful flora are just a few reasons Blue Hole has undoubtedly become Jamaica’s #1 attractions.

The Blue Hole is divided into two sections. The main section features turquoise blue water that openly invites you to take a plunge. Many visitors to the attraction have expressed how welcoming and inviting the water is. There is a Tarzan swing for anyone feeling adventurous and wants to make their plunge a little more exciting. To top this off, after your plunge, little hidden caves can be seen as you swim around in the enchanting blue hole waters.

The Other section is a sight to behold featuring a cascading waterfall which displays a truly beautiful shade of blue when the river gushes down. The blue hole is also perfect for hiking as well as there are treks and pathways yet to be explored. It if the perfect option for simply every type of family who craves a day of enjoyment and excitement.

The Blue Hole in St. Ann is waiting for you! It isn’t your everyday attraction as it has not yet been fully commercialised so no need to worry about vendors and much spending cost. This allows you to simply enjoy a day relaxing, swimming, jumping or laughing with family, friends or whomever.

Come explore this hidden beauty today!

Meldam Realty (876) 974- 2239  Email:info@meldamrealty.com



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) otherwise known as drones are vehicles that are capable of travel without requiring a human to be on board.  They may be operated remotely by humans or may be capable of autonomous operation. Within the past 5 years or so, drones have been quite the buzz and topics of conversation in business, leisure and commercial circles worldwide.

A growing trend also in recent years has been the use of drone technology in real estate where real estate developers, agents, vendors and purchasers can agree that it makes business easier and more marketable. There definitely are benefits to be reaped from using drones in real estate.

Firstly, drones serve as an ideal tool for showing property. Realtors in various parts of the world have been using drones to give virtual tours of properties which in turn provides the potential buyer with a real “touch and feel” of the property. Drones provide both aerial photography and videography and this advantageously is better than a normal photography camera as it establishes a visual reference for the size and boundaries of the property. It also, can be used to give purchasers a feel of what neighbourhoods are like and distances to amenities etc.

Additionally, using drone technology in real estate ventures increases the desirability and attractiveness of the properties you are marketing. Realtors who have used drones attest to the idea that drones add a touch of class, elegance and opulence to even the quaintest of properties.

Realtors worldwide, based on research have been going crazy over the attention their listing have been getting because of the inclusion of videos and aerial shots. It allows them to market properties to clients both nationally and internationally without realtors even having to leave the office or clients having to leave home. Drones have therefore proven to be very beneficial to real estate and is thus recommended to all realtors.

Contact Meldam Realty today for commercial and residential real estate!

When is the best time to buy Real Estate in Jamaica?

is-now-the-time-to-invest-in-the-energy-sectorview from house 2

In previous years, the Jamaican real estate market has experienced a steady decline in real estate investments as the perception was held that properties were significantly overpriced. This perception, however, has changed drastically. Statistics have shown that the market is now growing steadily and expanding strongly. It is an opportune time for you to make investments in Jamaica’s commercial and residential real estate.

This being mainly as a result of international investors realizing that Jamaican properties are reasonably priced and somewhat undervalued which is contrary to what was previously perceived.  Therefore; all investors are invited to take advantage of this opportunity before the prices are increased. This view has been openly emphasized and endorsed by Hon G Anthony Hylton, then Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce. The former Minister in addressing members of the Diaspora made sure to emphasize that the time for investment is now as Jamaica is more competitive and more focused. You, therefore need to take this initiative and act now.

With that said, statistics have shown that with Jamaica’s growing population, the demand for residential real estate is higher than ever before .This coupled with the growing demand for Jamaican real estate from international investors further demonstrates the attractiveness of the Jamaican Real Estate market at this time.

Additionally, it must also be noted that the Government of Jamaica in partnership with China Harbour Engineering has made significant improvements to the nation’s roads .There has also been foreign investment in various sectors in Jamaica such as the tourism and agriculture sector. The growth of these sectors has in turn significantly impacted the economy of Jamaica.

Thus, we can see that with Jamaica’s economy expanding and growth steadily increasing, Jamaica will be moving on to compete internationally with other markets. It,therefore is your time to come own a little piece of nature’s most beautiful creation.

What type of Real Estate should I buy in Jamaica?

Jamaica , an island in the sun characterised by the warmth of its people, the uniqueness of its cultural diversity and the magnificent real estate awaiting investments from anyone who has a vision for growth. Jamaica as an island has 3 counties: Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey which contains the 14 parishes. Though it is an established belief that each parish has something different to offer whether it is tourists’ resorts, food or even various language registers, all parishes can join in agreement that real estate is common to all.

Real Estate as defined by the legal dictionary is a modern term for land and anything that is permanently affixed to it. Thus, Real Estate in Jamaica can be categorised by their nature of being residential or commercial. As such individuals are invited to purchase or invest in a residential lot/ property and/ or a lot for commercial use or a commercial edifice.

Commercial real estate is any property used non-residentially for profit or income making purposes and can include offices, supermarkets, malls and just about any property used to garner income. Consequently, if you are looking to start or expand a business in Jamaica, it is recommended that you purchase properties whether they be land, offices or storage spaces. Commercial Real Estate is available island wide to investors without restrictions.

Residential Real Estate speaks to any property whose many purpose is to be used to occupy residents or for dwelling. The population in Jamaica is constantly expanding which simply acts as an indicator that the demand for homes is growing. Thus, if you seek to own a home or somewhere to create a family, purchasing real estate in Jamaica would be ideal as the prices are reasonably affordable.

Real Estate in Jamaica is available to any and everyone who dreams of owning a commercial space or a place for residing as Jamaican real estate is characterised by reasonable prices and purchasing real estate without restrictions. Therefore, the time to invest is now as a variety in price, location and size awaits you.

For more information on commerical and residential investments, contact Meldam Realty at 974-2239 or email at info@meldamrealty.com.

Where to buy Real Estate in Jamaica

Opening_Property-Overview_Aerial-with-Spa-22014-02-02 11.02.12Wentworth Drive, St. Mary

Jamaica, known to many as the land of wood and water has emerged from simply being a once colonised English nation producing tobacco and sugar for export and has gone on to make a name for its self on the world’s stage in music, athletics and tourism. Additionally, Jamaica boasts the interest of various international investors in commercial and residential properties. As such Jamaica as it stands is ready and awaiting anyone who desires to make Jamaica their place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families. ,

You may be wondering, where in Jamaica are these investments being made? Where can you find attractive yet reasonable real estate to invest in? Well, my friend, fate would have it that you read this article as I am here to tell you about an area ranging from Negril Point to the cool hills of St. Mary. This is Jamaica’s North Coast which unapologetically is the most ideal place to purchase commercial or residential real estate in Jamaica.

Jamaica’s North coast possesses a collection of properties ranging from wonderful Westmoreland to sensational St. Mary and is generally categorised by reasonable prices, low taxes and a reputation of attracting foreign investments without restrictions. These properties are further characterised by their differences in location, size and prices and thus with such variety, it is almost certain that real estate available on the North Coast can satisfy the vision of any investor/ purchaser.

The parishes on the North Coast are always developing whether it is through business establishment or through the creation of new housing projects which suggests that there is an equal balance which seems suitable for any investor. The North Coast is also ideally positioned for commuters to get in and out of other parishes with little hassle. This is due to the development of the North-South leg of the highway which drastically reduces travel time between Kingston and Ocho Rios to 45 minutes.

The government of Jamaica over time has carried out many projects which were geared towards improving the North Coast and this only goes to show that even the government sees huge potential in developing the North Coast and so should you.

Who to buy Real Estate from in Jamaica



Buying Real Estate in Jamaica has proven over time to go in either of two directions. For some individuals, purchasing real estate has been a worthwhile experience while there are those who unfortunately have had some real negative experiences, disappointments and let downs. As such, it is essential to any purchaser to know where to go for a great experience, good customer service, professionalism and ideal properties.

Meldam Realty of Ocho Rios in St. Ann fits the latter description very well. With over 45 years of experience as a real estate firm, Meldam Realty stands ready to serve with high integrity and professionalism. Their portfolio covers not only houses and lots but expands to commercial real estate including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, specialised development complexes, small and large office buildings, medical office space, apartments, farms, villas and large-scale development land.

Their agents are highly qualified individuals who serve with professionalism and honesty. The company has made it their mission to exceed the expectations of their clients by ensuring that all agents are knowledgeable and equipped with all the information and etiquettes needed to serve you. They work assiduously in making sure that properties are well presented and elegantly displayed.

Meldam Realty stands as a stalwart in the Real Estate field and has been the recipients of the numerous awards and commendations. As such, Meldam is the ideal broker if you are selling or desirous of purchasing. Many individuals have trusted the best, the best is Meldam and so should you.

How to sell Real Estate in Jamaica


The island of Jamaica is mainly known for its uniqueness in cultural diversity and its welcoming spirit to any visitor to our island. However, one very essential aspect that makes Jamaica world renown is its ability to attract local and international investments in both commercial and residential real estate.

The Jamaican population is rapidly growing which simply means that the demand is also growing for both residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, the international community is very interested in purchasing commercial real estate to establish businesses in Jamaica but is also looking to invest in residential real estate.

And as such, it is essential that anyone desirous of selling real estate in Jamaica become aware of the basic “know-how” to selling real estate which would in turn aid in attracting these local and international investors. For those owning residential real estate, it is particularly essential that the property whether plots of land or a house be made presentable to attract any prospective buyer. This may stand as a deciding factor in whether you obtain a quick sale.

Thus, residential property owners must work hard to ensure that the place is bushed, the look and feel of the property is clean and in a presentable manner and that it is physically attractive to buyers. This,therefore means that if the paint is wearing out, you may give it a face lift by adding a fresh coat of paint or simply filling potholes en route to your property.

For those selling commercial real estate (office or storage space), one needs to ensure that the spaces are clean and  would be attractive to prospective buyers. Ensure that doors , drawers and any equipment being sold with the real estate is in good working condition in an effort to convince the potential buyer that there is little repair to be done.

After all the necessary boxes are ticked, the next RECOMMENDED step is to contact a registered real estate company to list your property which would positively expose your property.The realtor will then take you through the steps and give any advice needed in relation to selling your property. With that said, anyone desirous of selling real estate may contact Meldam Realty in Ocho Rios St. Ann where a warm welcoming spirit awaits you.


From the powdery white sand, to the crystal clear waters, the Caribbean undoubtedly possesses the most beautiful beaches in the world.  From North to South, East to West, there is no doubt that Caribbean Beaches are the best. Yes, this may be so but there are some that are arguably better than others. Below, you will find a detailed list of the top 5 Caribbean countries with the best beaches:

Jamaica holds many beautiful treasures on the waterfront patiently awaiting your arrival. The beaches in Jamaica are arguably some of the best in the Caribbean and are mainly characterised by white sandy beaches and glistening blue waters and of course the warm kiss of the sun. Most of these wanderlust destinations are found on the Golden North Coast of Jamaica which is ideal for your real estate investments. Seven Miles Beach in Negril, Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay, Frenchman’s Cove and Bikini Beach in Portland, Reggae Beach, The Beach at Dunn’s River and Ocho Rios Bay Beach in St. Ann are just a few of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. Arguably, Ocho Rios in St. Ann possesses a wealth of unbelievably beautiful beaches and is therefore an ideal location to invest in Commercial or Residential real estate.


Without debate, Bahamas stands as one of the most exotic Caribbean Islands and to go along with their delightfully exotic nature are some of the most beautiful beaches. Located in varying areas of the island, these beaches are anxiously awaiting your visit. On Harbour Island, be sure to visit the Pink Sands Beach, Paradise Beach is located on Paradise Island and in Exumar, there is Saddle Cay. The beautiful Cat Island is found in Southern Bahamas and Stocking Island is located in Exumar. Be sure to visit


For those who are wondering, Yes, Anguilla is an island in the Caribbean and it is known for its glorious resorts and absolutely stunning beaches. When on a visit to Anguilla, be sure to check out Maundays Beach, Rendezvous Beach, Shoal Bay Coast, Meads Bay and the Off Shore Cays.


Located in the southern parts of the Lesser Antilles is the wonderful Caribbean Island of  Barbados .The differing coasts offer beaches that range from powdery sand to perfect swells of the eastern Atlantic coast. Silver Sands Beach, Harrismith Beach, Crane Beach, Bathsheba and Dover Beach are just a few of the welcoming waters that can be found on the Island of Barbados.


Located on the island of Dominican Republic are some of the most peaceful yet extremely breath- taking beaches you can find in the Caribbean. Not only will they guarantee you a day of fun for you and the family but will also ensure that you have peace of mind and relaxation at your disposal. Punta Cana beach comes highly recommended along with Playa Rincon, Cabarete, Cayo Levantado and Eagle Eye Beach. Be sure to take the waves when in the Dominican Republic.

Meldam Realty, Ocho Rios, Jamaica 974-2239 Email:info@info@meldamrealty.com

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